About Us

Bountiful was founded with a passion for telling the community story behind your food. Check out the Bountiful Community below.

The Team

Julian Cohen, Founder & CEO

Julian’s passion for food has always driven him a little wild. You will often find him daydreaming of anything from jamon serano to pad see ew. Julian prides himself on experiencing food cultures from all over the world and bringing them into his kitchen. Before Bountiful, Julian worked in the non-profit space with a focus on experiential education and community development. Julian looks to combine his love for food with his drive for community activism and sustainability.



Joe Schwartz, Kitchen Manager & Culinary Director                                                                                                            
Joe is a proud member of Bountiful. Joe started cooking at restaurants while attending college at West Virginia University. He loved it so much that, after he graduated, he went back to school for a degree in Culinary Arts at New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Since then, Joe was cooking professionally at one of Boston’s best restaurants, Craigie On Main. Joe is excited to bring his passion for nose to tail eating, organic and locally sourced produce, and sustainable farming practices to Bountiful, and more importantly, to your table. 



Kimberly Jung, Strategy & Marketing                                                                                                     

Kim loves to eat. She cherishes those moments when people bond over food: sharing ceviche with miners at a Peruvian outpost to feasting on Kabuli Pulao made by Afghan village women. Food is love. Food is being human.

Before Bountiful, Kim worked in the for-profit social enterprise space as a cofounder and CEO of Rumi Spice, a saffron company that works with over 300 farmers and hires 3,000 Afghan women. Kim is now a mechanical engineer at MIT. 



The Suppliers                                                                  

Three River Farmers Alliance
Three River Farmers Alliance began when the owners of three seacoast farms decided to pool their resources to deliver their farm products.  By working together, they increase our collective capacity to provide food to their community, while saving their farm businesses time and money.  In the past four years the Alliance has expanded its collaboration to include over 40 farms and local food producers and delivers to over 100 restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and institutions.  In creating greater access to local food, Three River is about efficiency, collaboration, and community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Red's Best
Red's Best is an industry leader and pioneer in traceable American seafood. With multiple facilities in New England, Red's Best directly offloads vessels, creating an immediate chain of custody taking exceptional care of the fishermen's catch. Their proprietary technology allows them to efficiently unload large fleets of small fishing boats, providing top quality fish from their network of fishermen. They believe there is value in the story of who caught the fish, where and how, and to tell the story of each catch.
Hutchins Farm 
Hutchins Farm is one of the oldest and largest certified organic vegetable and fruit operations in Massachusetts. Organic since 1973, every season Hutchins actively cultivates over 35 acres of vegetables, about an acre of small fruit, and 8 acres of apples. They sell their produce directly to consumers at their farm stand in Concord, MA.


The Kitchen

Foundation Kitchen

Foundation Kitchen is a shared kitchen and food incubator based in Somerville. Other tenants of Foundation Kitchen include Family Dinner, Perillas, and Rootastes.