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Don’t Forget The Sauce!

Our dinner tables may look a little different this year, but what’s one thing that’s been a consistent favorite since the first Thanksgiving? Cranberry sauce! This year, Bountiful is offering a freshly made cranberry sauce (no cans here!) with orange peel and star anise to give it a dynamic sweet and tart flavor. Native to […]

A Look into Hungary’s Favorite Spice: Paprika

In a vibrant celebration of fall, Bountiful’s Chicken Paprikash is play on a traditional dish that contains mild and smoky paprika that compliments the flavors of the onions and tomatoes, served over a fresh Gemelli pasta from Deano’s Pasta. Considered one of the four staple dishes of Hungarian cuisine, chicken paprikash is thought to have […]

Julian’s Story — The Value Of A Meal

My whole life has revolved around the dinner table, the one time of day we all came together when I was growing up. As soon as my brother and I were old enough to stand on a chair and stir soup in a pot on the stove, we began cooking. Not long after that, we […]