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Let’s Talk Sustainability: Why Local Matters

There has been a lot of buzz about eating and shopping locally for the past year. While there are quite a few benefits, today I want to take a deeper dive into our ingredients environmental impact and how keeping things local can make quite a big difference. Food miles A critical component to environmental waste […]

Faces of Bountiful: Vermont Salumi

Growing up, Peter Colman, the creator of Vermont Salumi, ate a whole lot of prosciutto. Every year, he would travel with to visit his grandparents in Umbria, Italy and get his fix. In his mid-twenties though, he noticed it was a much better product than he could find in the U.S., and said to himself […]

Lets Talk Sustainability: Food Waste

As a proud member of the local Greater Boston food community, Bountiful strives to be the dinner delivery service that holds itself accountable for upholding top-notch sustainability practices. How do we accomplish this? By minimizing waste, we are able to decrease our environmental impact. This is done in two parts, utilizing fresh and seasonal local […]

Faces of Bountiful: Wulf’s Fish

Since 1926, Wulf’s Fish has been all about bringing its customers the best fish available. They started out in the resale market in Brookline, buying fish down at Boston’s Fish Pier and getting it cleaned and cut before selling it to customers at their storefront. Wulf’s continued this for 90 years before deciding to pivot […]

Delicata Squash: A New and Improved Veggie!

Twenty years ago, this beautiful cream-colored squash with green markings would have been nearly impossible to find at your local grocery store. The Delicata Squash, an heirloom variety of winter squash, has very thin skin. It’s so tender that you can eat it without any trouble. As its name suggests, the insides are even more […]