Celebrating Sustainable Seafood Day

by Julian Cohen

With an expanding interest in healthy eating in our society, customers have sought out food services that emphasize locally farmed ingredients. However, expanding one's view on the bigger picture of sustainability goes beyond individualism and is certainly some food for thought. A sustainable food system is beneficial to environmental, economic, and social structures. Our oceans are finite resources that are home to the seafood that we all savor and enjoy. Supporting seafood sustainability is a crucial initiative that would not be possible without a community effort. 

With frequent high demand for marine products, seafood sustainability makes efforts to preserve fish species, habitats and oceans while still maintaining a variety of options for your table. Sourcing from local fishermen who use best practices, eating seasonally, and choosing restaurants who support seafood sustainability are all good ways that you can individually contribute to a community wide cause. A large responsibility in sustainable practices is the power of collaboration. Working together through education and local business, people can make conscious environmental choices about seafood that can shape the supply and demand of our oceans now and for generations to come. 


- Written By Abigail Wunyee Cheng